Thursday, February 19, 2015

 We are open this weekend at Chartreuse and Company in Frederick, MD.  
Open Friday and Saturday, 9 am until 4 pm, and Sunday, noon until 4 pm. 
Be sure to dress for the weather!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Year's Revolutions

My youngest came home from school last week talking about new year's revolutions. So stinkin' cute, I didn't even correct her at first. With 2015 approaching, we've been talking about it here and there. My son decided he would give up soda for the new year.  Bringing him back to reality, we explained this was NOT Lent.  So, we are out to set more realistic goals. 
I hope you and your family have been enjoying a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you  a joyous and healthy new year. Here's to a "revolutionary" 2015!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winding Down

This weekend is our last opening of the year at Chartreuse and Co. It is the last of three holiday sales at the barn. After this weekend, I will be able to shift my focus onto the holidays at home, and then prepare for our next sale the third weekend in January.
If you are in the area, stop in - you may just find that perfect gift for that certain someone.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

holiday motivation

  I'm trying to get motivated to pull out the holiday decorations today. Ever since I've started the business, I just have a hard time getting in the holiday spirit. It's been Christmas at the barn for the last month, and before that, I've been unpacking and pricing Christmas items for what seems like forever. This morning while driving, I actually switched the radio off of the holiday station to put on Radio Disney. My choice. Not my children's.
  I decided to scroll through some of my Christmas photos to get some inspiration. We haven't gotten our tree yet, but I'd like to have the rest of the decorations up within the next few days.

 I put together this vignette for our Holiday Bash at the  barn. The sweet girl pictured with Santa is my mother. Using family Christmas photos when decorating adds a personal and nostalgic touch to your holiday decor.


Over the last few years, I've started using more and more fresh greens and poinsettias.
   It's a simple way to spruce up vintage seasonal items, such as sleds and toboggans. 
Smaller toboggans and sleds make beautiful centerpieces.

Hoping you are able to find whatever inspires you this season!


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